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It's a curly world out there.


Curly hair is similar to a fingerprint; curls are uniquely individual. Each head of hair has a form and pattern, and each delicate strand takes its own path, spiraling outward and upward to the skies.


Infinite Thought



Curl Cut

Curl Care

Curl Detox

Pre-appointment curl preparation

Curl by Curl Cut: To see your curls in their natural shape, please arrive with dry detangled hair, minimal to no styling products used. Hair must be worn loose as not to disrupt the curl pattern. This cut is performed on dry hair.

Ouidad Carve and Slice: Please arrive with dry detangled hair, minimal to no styling products used. This cut is performed on wet hair.

* If you cannot arrive in the above-stated condition, you may be charged a detangle and prep fee.


Ouidad Carve and Slice

This cut is done on wet hair to analyze the curl's natural state. Using the Carve and Slice method to control and encourage the different curl formations throughout the head creating and balanced shape.

This technique is best used on 2A-3A textures


Curl by Curl


This cutting technique is done on dried curls with the goal of creating external shapes that both create and control curls. This cut utilizes some of the latest techniques.


This technique can be done on any curl or coil pattern but is best used on tight/heavily textured hair 3B-4C

Hydrate + Curl Set

This curl maintenance service includes cleansing, conditioning, defining, and setting natural curls and coils using a combination of curl enhancing products. Drying, defusing, and fluffing the final set. This set can last for 5-7 depending on texture, lengthen, and continued care at home.

Detox Cleasning

Product build up is created through regular use and needs to be removed for hair to respond properly to your daily styles. New curl clients will usually start with a detox due to the use of oils butters and products with low quality ingredient's.

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